Smarter Daily Decisions

Context collects information from any data source all over the world via its aggregator portal and makes it instantly available to the public on its mobile app.

Users can then easily consume this processed data in realtime to make enlightened and smarter decisions for their daily lives.

App + Portal = Platform

Context is an intelligence exchange platform. It gives anyone access to live information on any topic.

Data Streams

Users subscribe to individual data source streams they can consume on a daily basis to make better decisions.

Topic Trees

Data sources live inside Context topics. Each topic can have multiple sources, a dedicated forum, and nested subtopics.

Taking Part

Users can complement topics by providing their own feedback or ask questions. Helpful comments are rewarded.

How it Works

Data sources come in a wide variety of formats, via a wide range of protocols. The Context platform is agnostic to the origin of the source.

Connect & Push

Using the Context portal, create topics and sources to start pushing data in minutes using the tools you love.

Collect & Share

Context collects the source data and shares the latest and historical values to the public in the mobile app.


As data accumulates our predictive analysis engine crunches what it thinks are the most likely future values.



Use Cases

Context can be used in a wide variety of use cases to share data with customers, citizens, and friends.

Smart City

Share real-time data with citizens to keep them informed on what is currently happening in the city to increase awareness and security.

Prediction Market

Sell historical and forecasted data to third party organizations using our normalized data storage system and intuitive API.


Explore 5G use cases by leveraging nearly zero latency times over large bandwidths to deliver instant context to partners and customers.


Use Context as a decentralized application to easily share or monetize your data with a larger audience.

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